Saturday, August 2, 2014


I had the opportunity to beta read for Michelle while she was writing Gone and I fell in love with immediately. Gone reminds me of my high school experience. I had a boy as a best friend and while he and I never became a couple, I was a strange dynamic other people didn't understand. And I loved that Tess had her Grandpa as her voice of reason. It was a refreshing turn from the norm of best friends giving potentially bad advice. 
There were tears, angst, heartache, and overcoming. 
Pick up this sweet story today! 

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Michelle can be found in WNY with her family, where she teaches 8th grade English Language Arts. If she's not with her family, she can be found gardening, avoiding her planned workouts, and drinking coffee. You can find her at @mflick729 and She would love to hear from you.