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Dashers Panel: Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Here on A Dash of YA we are starting a new feature called "Dashers Panel" where all the Dashers get together and analyse a book we have all read.

Recently the Dashers discovered we all had read Deity by the fabulous Jennifer L. Armentrout. I have to say, we are a bit divided on who's team we are on. So without further delay - here are how the teams turn out.

Michelle: Team Aiden - love you Seth, but no. 

Molli: TEAM AIDEN all the way.  Early in PURE, Seth stood a small chance with me but throughout that book and DEITY...Aiden stole my heart.  I fell just as in love with him as Alex is, if not more so.  

Erica: For Alex, I am definitely Team Aiden but for me I have always been Team Seth....until I read DEITY. After that, I found myself completely torn. Even though DEITY showed me a side of Aiden that I REALLY liked, I am still holding on to the small sliver of hope that Seth returns from the "dark side".

Komal: Okay, guys, I'm with Erica on this one. I think Alex and Aiden should be together. Their love is epic and they genuinely care about each other. For me, however, I am Team Seth all the way. I really hope Seth makes it through everything!

Why are you a Team Aiden member or a Team Seth member?

Michelle: Team Aiden here, checking in. Aiden is this cool, collected, charmer. He's sincere when ever Alex is concerned, even when he pushes her away, it's for her. Let's also talk about his abilities, his strength, his ability to kick butt, even Seth's. Or we could move on to his physical appeal. Um, hello salty goodness. And a romantic at heart? Let's all remember what he wears around his neck. 

Molli: Aiden completes Alex.  He lets her be who she is, isn't afraid to push and challenge her when he can tell she can do better, and he always, always makes her safety and well-being his first priority.  He cares so much for her, wants her to be happy, and even puts her happiness above his own.  Aiden is a friend to Alex, and loyal to her, but at the same time it's clear there's a great deal of passion between them. 

Erica: I love Seth's "devil-may-care" attitude. Plain and simple, he makes me laugh.

Komal: There is something I love about Seth's darker side. He is so mysterious and intriguing. And nuts. He is really nuts. I don't think I would ever want to be with a guy like Seth in real life, but there is just something so compelling about him. He is such a complex character.

What was your favorite scene in the book?

Michelle: While I'm a huge fan of Aiden's, but my favorite scene didn't really have anything to do with him. Leon. Can we just take a minute for the curve ball JLA threw with him? Sigh. Leon got expotenially hotter in this book because of his big reveal. I loved how Alex interacted with him. She wasn't afraid and he was his snarky self. I know - I'm being vague but I can't ruin it for you. But when you read the book, you're going to get it! 

Molli: Mine is a sequence of scenes.  I'd say it's the entire time Alex spends at Aiden's house.  I loved getting the glimpse of him "in the wild," so to speak, when he isn't just doing his job.  I feel like JLA let the reader, as well as Alex, get to know the REAL Aiden.  And the real Aiden is swoon-worthy, protective, and just amazing.  I definitely fell all over for him then, and I LOVED the Aiden/Alex scenes we got!

P.S. Leon is pretty awesome! 

Erica: Oh gosh, this has absolutely nothing to do with Seth but I am going to have to say the bedroom know....when Aiden and Alex finally....well, you know. I was so happy for them.

Komal: For me it would have to be (I'm trying very hard not to give away any spoilers) when Seth and Lucian keep Alex captive in Lucian's house. You see such an ugly side to Seth; it gave me chills! And, the ending! Loved it! Also, the Leon curve ball was pretty awesome!

What was your reaction to the end?

Michelle: I immediately tweeted JLA and told her she needs to take into consideration her pregnant readers, because they are hormonally imbalanced. I cried. Yep. Cried. I was shocked and mad as a reader. As a writer, well played JLA. While some of it was what I expected, but the last three lines, it was a full twist. 

Molli: I won't even lie: I screamed.  Out loud.  And there was a lot of "no, no, no!" involved.  I immediately requested an ARC from Spencer Hill Press and pretty much offered to wash their cars or WHATEVER it took to get me on their list.  JLA has definitely upped the stakes for APOLLYON.  

Erica: Well, if I am totally honest....I cursed....out loud....a lot! Seriously! What the heck?!?! Does Jennifer get some sort of sick pleasure out of tormenting her readers with such cliff-hangers? I don't know how I am going to survive until APOLLYON.

Komal: I didn't react as strongly, but I was definitely affected by the ending. I was kind of expecting something like that to happen, but it was freaking unbelievable when it actually did happen. Also, I need APOLLYON now. NOW!

So that concludes our first Dashers Panel. What did you love about Deity? Are you Team Aiden or Team Seth? Let us know!

Next month we are going to focus on another JLA book - Opal. If you have a book you wants us to "panel", let us know. :) 

The Dashers. 

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