Monday, April 29, 2013


In my -what I'm calling - hibernating state I actually am editing my dreamwalker novel. Its about a girl who finds out that she gets sucked into the dreams of people around her. Its freaky but then gets worse when murders start happening in them. (if you have a great idea for a dream sequence, let me know!)

I'm typically a panster. I write a scene at the end then the middle then the beginning then some scene I have no idea where I would put it. I'm all over the place and then I have to bridge everything together. For this book, I was a plotter. The experience was different and now editing seems different as well.

I typically can edit in any situation and knock it out in two sittings. I burn through. I find myself this time contemplating more of my edits. Do I agree? Do I cut completely? Does the dash need to be there? Wait, does this character's name need to be changed? So its taking me longer. It's funny how the process of editing has changed with the style of writing I did.

Does your editing process ever change? How do you edit? Tips or tricks?

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