Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reading Slump

Oh Geez, has this one been bad! Nothing is keeping my attention.  I didn't read anything on my summer list and I have a laundry list of half read books on my Kindle. In my defense, I had a busy summer full of travel back and forth from Virginia and trips up to visit my Dad (his not well :( ).  I've also been busy with school work and recently discovered Pretty Little Liars. I watched the whole series (well, what was on Netflix and Hulu) in one week while the husband was gone.  Yeah, I know, I could have read, but I didn't! I lounged around and watched TV for a whole week!
So anyway.  Erica Cope and Komal Kant have books coming out soon so I'm hoping they get me out of my slump.  They did last time so I have high hopes :).  No pressure or anything.

So this is just a short sweet post about nothing in particular, but I haven't blogged here in a while so I thought I'd say something.

OH YEAH! I'm going to the Indie Author Mash-Up in Arkansas next month! You should come too and hang out with me.  The only people I know who are going are authors and they'll be busy at their tables signing stuff and I'll be wondering around aimlessly finding cool people to hang out with...So hang out with me!
Here's the link :)

Love you all!

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