Friday, October 12, 2012

Beta Reader (2)

Hey everyone!
Recently, I finished up my first draft of The Owens Legacy: Redemption. While getting words down on the paper can be a struggle, the bigger struggle for me is the editing.

I am very fortunate that my good friend Nadine has an incredible English eye. I often say: “Everyone should have a Nadine.”  What I want to show you today is the result of Nadine’s editing. Some of the things she does: reads it through, corrects my grammar and typos, checks out my inconsistencies, and talks me through on places I got stuck.  
Below is what my manuscript looks like. When I first get it back from Nadine. Notice that she used multiple pen colors so comments didn’t mesh together? 

After we go over page by page, I begin the editing. It’s a lot. It’s overwhelming, so how do I juggle this? I do two things: one I set daily page goals and two I use a highlighter.  It helps me keep my spot and I also feel accomplished when I start highlighting what I have completed. 

Your beta readers are super important, but their opinions are not end all, be alls. I agree with Nadine’s opinion for the most part. Below is a simple note about something I don’t agree with. As a writer you have the right to disagree. But I also made a note about it, and if say Komal or Joe, also point out that it’s off, I might re-think it.

I do this every time someone edits my manuscript. Something I have noticed, I much prefer not having to do this every time (shocking, right?), it makes me a better writer, the first time through.

What are some of the ways you make your edits? 

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