Thursday, October 4, 2012

Giveaway at Dash!

Thank you so much for stopping by this first week of A Dash Of YA. We are all so thankful for you guys stopping by and following us. If anything, the YA community, is super supportive. In honor of that, it's my turn for a giveaway. 

I would like to do a 20 page manuscript critique for you writers out there. You might be asking, what makes me qualified to do any type of editing. I have a Bachelor's in Secondary English. To be able to teach English, you have to be able to know English. I have been a teacher for five years and have started my sixth year. My days are spent editing. To further that, I have self-pubbed my first novel and through that painful, wonderful process, I learned how important it is to have a good editor that's blunt but nice, supportive, but realistic. 

If you win, I'll contact you. Please send your manuscript back to me in doc. or docx. Please let me know if you need it by a certain time frame and I will do my best to have it back to you by then. If you know you need me to look for a certain grammar error, fluency, alignment, let me know. 

Good luck 

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  1. I don't know what I was thinking, but I am not a writer, so please disregard my entries. Thanks!

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  3. Hey Michelle just curious it says you will contact me and I just wanted to make sure I was supposed to just wait to hear from you.