Monday, February 25, 2013

Dashers Panel: Opal by JLA

We are all pretty big fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout. In the months of December and January, we pushed her latest release: Opal into our reading piles. If you were like me (Michelle), it moved to the front of my list, immediately.  But we decided to get together (er, via-the blog) and do another Dashers Panel. Maybe some day we will branch out farther than JLA.

What was your favorite scene with Katy and Daemon? 

Michelle: Any time he flusters Katy. I like the banter and the sexual tension scenes. But when Daemon flusters Katy, I think it's cute. :)
Erica: I love their banter so any time they are teasing each other is my favorite. :)

Dee's and Katy's relationship had dramatically changed. How did you feel about it in this novel? 

Michelle: It's definitely different but JLA would have been remiss if she had kept their relationship light and bouncy. Dee is going through a lot of stuff. And sadly, Katy is right in the middle of it. With no outlet, I think Katy makes a perfect focus point for Dee. I have no doubt that there relationship will get back to normal. *crosses her fingers*
Erica: I agree with Michelle 100%. Dee has a lot to deal with and everything comes back to Katy, so of course that is who she is going to direct her anger at.

Dawson, sigh, he's got some issues, and who wouldn't. But now that we got to spend a little more time with him, what is your take on him? 

Michelle: I am happy JLA didn't bounce him back into a "normal" character. I like that he doesn't adjust right away. And while I know his history and his love for Bethany, there's a certain unstable and creepy element about him. Which, is a great dynamic in the list of characters. 
Erica: There is definitely something "off" about him...I can't put my finger on it but I just have a weird feeling about him....
The ENDING! OMG! Without any spoilers, what was your reaction to it? 

Michelle: I was angry. I said, "Oh! My God!" JLA did it again, she wrote a bang up cliff hanger and I immediately searched when the next installment would be. *Now that I sit here, I'm getting flustered again!*
Erica: I was shocked! I definitely didn't see that coming!

If you had to pick between the Obsidian series or the Covenant series, which one would you pick? 

Michelle: Oh, this is tough! I love Daemon. I do. I love his attitude. But I love Alex. I like the strength of each character, so I would say there are certain books in each series that I love, and depending on which I am reading, my answer would change.
Erica: While I definitely think Daemon is hotter than Seth or Aiden, I like the story of the Covenant series better.

What did you think of Opal? 

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