Monday, November 11, 2013

Why the Women of Dash are Hilarious

I forget who started the conversation on Facebook, but one of us did. In a matter of hours, the four of us had sent a couple of hundred messages back and forth, in between our "normal" lives, (maybe non-writing lives would be a better term).

The conversation started off talking about Dash: when to post, what to post, how to drum up some more networking and followers. Conversation moved on to what we are reading and writing and getting feedback from each other, helping each other promote our novels. There was a lot of bouncing ideas around.

Now - well all those things still happen. But there are some other things that get discussed.
We help each other pick out outfits, come up with mascots for our books, discuss our love of food, and make fun of each other (in a very nice way. Go ahead. Read some of our conversations.

See I told you we were funny. 

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