Friday, May 9, 2014

Erica's Summer Reading List

I haven't been able to read nearly as much as I have previously BUT there are three books that are must-reads for me this summer. 

1. The Book Thief--This has come highly recommended. I read the first chapter at our family Christmas and would've kept reading if it wasn't considered rude by the in-laws. :P

2. Silver Shadows (July 29th 2014) Gah! After Fiery Heart I thought I was going to DIE waiting for this book to be released....July is still sooooooooo far away! I miss my Adrian!

3.Bitter Sweet Love is the prequel to White Hot Kiss by Jennifer Armentrout. I loved White Hot Kiss so I'm bummed I have to wait until OCTOBER for more Roth (my new book boyfriend is a schmexy demon).

Are there any books you are planning to read this summer? Leave your Summer Reading List in the comments!


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