Friday, November 23, 2012

Follow Friday :) (2)

Hi everyone! We were so happy last time with getting a few new friends on the blog and a few more people to follow ourselves, we thought we do the Friday Follow again. This week's follow is a question  going along with the season.  Thank you Alison and Parajunkee.

The Question: What are you thankful for?

Michelle: I'm going to keep my answer limited to the book world because I could do on and on. I'm thankful for wonderful people that I've met through blogging, for Dimitri, Daemon, Ren, Aiden, Will, and Kaiden, for great worlds the Suzanne Collins and Cassandra Clare build, and for a place that my nerdyness is completely acceptable.

Komal: I am thankful to my friends and family for always supporting me, and for all the friends I have met online who I couldn't imagine not knowing. I am thankful that I have my furry babies in my life. Finally, I am thankful to my readers, because you guys makes all the writing amd the revising worth it. :)

Erica: I am thankful for my family (including my fur-babies) and my friends (especially the ones who share my nerdy passion for reading) I am a pretty lucky girl to have so many wonderful peope in my life!

Molli: I am thankful for my family, and friends; for my writing, which lets me express myself, and for the amazing blogging community I've become a part of.  I'm thankful for authors who write stories I can get lost in. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
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  2. oooo cute blog! I love the gray and hot pink
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  3. I love the colors of this blog also! Great answers :)

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