Friday, May 24, 2013

Become a Dasher! Apply With In

Hi everyone!

We at Dash have been uber-busy with outside, non-book things. We know – it’s wrong, but sometimes the real world interferes with what we love the most. Someone put out a memo saying no more real-life distractions for book bloggers!

OK – so our point. We are wondering if any of you would like to be a Dasher. We are looking for someone who has the time to post once a week and will help promote. The topic of posting could be a consistent topic – like writing tips or whatever you read that week or feel like posting, as long as it has to do with YA in some way.

FYI – The three of us are in constant communication on facebook, twitter, and email. We are helpful to one another with editing, book suggestions, writing, support in general. We are looking for people who want to build this type of relationship with us. We help you. You help us. We are all successful!

 You can also fill out this form online. Let us know if you can't access it or if you have any other questions at: :)

We are looking forward to meeting you all! We are in the “market” for one to two Dashers, but if you are all awesome, we won’t say no to someone. We really want to build a community for YA. We have some great inspirations from other bloggers and have some big aspirations!

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