Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review: On an Edge of Glass by Autumn Doughton

Author: Autumn Doughton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: March 9th 2013

You can’t plan for everything…
That’s what Ellie Glass realizes after she has a chance encounter with a young musician. Long-haired, a bit scruffy, and undeniably sexy, he’s the exact opposite of her “type,” but now Ellie can’t stop thinking about him. When fate intervenes and the two are thrown together, Ellie gets more than she bargained for. Pretty soon she finds herself feeling and doing things that she never thought were possible.
This is the captivating story of an undeniable attraction, the choices that we make, and ultimately, the unexpected power of

OH I loved this so much! Autumn has a poetic way of describing things that is just so lovely.

This book has been sitting on my kindle for weeks now, maybe even months. I can't even remember when I bought it but I'm pretty sure it was April or May and since it's now July (where did summer go?) it's safe to say it's been neglected for way too long.
My best friend Elizabeth is a book addict and she always tells me what books I need to read and she is always right. So when she and Komal BOTH recommended this book I knew I had to read it.
At first it was going to be my reward for finishing the first draft of In the Shadows and then the whole "c" word fiasco happened and I decided to take a mini-break from writing in order to remove the stress of my self-imposed deadline all in the name of good ju-ju.
I was thinking I would just take it easy, relax and read all the new books that I've been meaning to get around to while I mentally prepared myself for my surgery. But I found myself in a reading funk. I'd start books (books that I normally would devour) but I couldn't make myself focus enough to finish.
Then I went to Book Bash a week later and picked up The Sea of Tranquility. It only takes one good book to break out of a reading funk and The Sea of Tranquility was it for me. I finished it (and loved it), then I picked up Tangled by Emma Chase again (I started it weeks ago...reading, funk remember? Loved this one too) and cracked up over the inner-workings of the male mind and then I immediately delved into On an Edge of Glass and was swept away by the poetic stylings of Autumn Doughton.
No seriously, the lady is a freaking poetic genius.
She describes things in such an interesting, unexpected way that never would even occur to me but somehow fit perfectly. Her words grab ahold of you by your shirt and refuse to let go until you feel every.single.detail.

"A line of impatient caffeine addicts snakes out the door just behind me, letting in an unsettling gust of cool air. It ruffles my hair and the pages spread out on the low table in front of me." 

"Here, on the edge of campus, where the University blends into the comings and goings of everyday life, the sidewalk is active with people."

"If I'm being fair, it was the best kiss of my life--a kiss that finds all of your seams and pulls them apart, stitch by delicate stitch."

"One minute you're tied to earth by gravity and everything you know about the world, and the next you're up, floating, soaring."
Lovely, right? And this book is filled with them. I started this book late last night and read until my eyelids fell close on their own accord. Then when the sun peeked in through my curtains this morning and the dog whined to be let out of her kennel I picked it back up and didn't put it down until I read the last page (3 cups of coffee later).
And it's funny too.

"I wish that I had said that I, too, care about polar bears, and pencil sharpeners, and about deforestation in South America, and about the sanity of the people that walk around the planet thinking that the mullet is still a reasonable hairstyle, and about calzones not being at all the same as pizza."
It's a normal, REAL story about two people who can't deny the pull between them and the real obstacles that stand in their way of being together.
There was just enough angst to keep it interesting without being over-the-top and unbearably painful to read. But at the same time, you felt the pain that Ellie felt (and even Ben) because it was just so relatable.
Autumn makes you remember what it feels like to feel that immediate attraction to someone. The beautiful kind of fluttering and longing that is the start of every new relationship, the lurch in your stomach when something goes wrong and the faint stirring of hope when you know there is a chance for everything to work out after all.
You feel it all.
You remember it all.
And it's just so darn beautiful.
On an Edge of Glass is being added to my shelf of all-time favorites.
I highly recommend this book to everyone I know.

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