Thursday, July 4, 2013


So, I was supposed to blog Tuesday and I didn't and I was going to blog today....and I didn't.  Komal said I was kicked out of the club unless I sent her bagels so let's just say I've been trying to figure out how to send bagels from Kansas to Australia legally and safely.
I've also been procrastinating school work and I've barely had time to read anything.  And my friend in Africa loaned me three books! Yikes! Oh yeah, I'm also leaving tomorrow for Virginia for a week. CRAZY!

OH YEAH!! I did have a major break through in my book. I love it soooo much! I thought if it in the shower in case you were wondering.

Anyway.  I'm reading Bully and love it so far.  Tate is funny. I hope the climax is epic because it's building up to be really intense.

Ok, that's all.  I'm going to leave you with a video.  I don't really know how to be all fancy and link it here all pretty, so here's the link.  Don't laugh.
Well, look at that! I didn't know how to make it all fancy!

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