Friday, June 7, 2013

Calling All Abbi Glines Fans

I have been chosen to be advocate for the steamy, dark, Dank Walker - aka - Death...

You know the saying Give me liberty or Give me Death? - Well - Give me Death first in this case! I pick Death! haha

Anyway - June 27th - I have my first match up. I have a buy the first round so I take on a winner from the first bracket. But I am looking for is a couple of things:

  • Someone to do a button for me (or however many you are willing to make) 
  • Be part of the "Street Team" where we go and promote Dank for 24 hours - Facebook, twitter, blog, instagram - you name it. You can also post up your own post about Dank or steal mine that will be up on The YA Sisterhood. Your choice.
  • Tell me something you love about Dank, a favorite scene, a favorite quote. (I really want to pick out his best attributes as voted by you guys!)
If you are interested, you can leave a comment here, tweet me at mflick729, or email me


Haven't read this series? Um, you should. :) I mean look at that man!

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