Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines

Here’s my review for Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines….No one hate me….

Oh where do I begin?  First I want to say that I did like Fallen Too Far, I hated Never Too Far because it was too short and I felt that it was cranked out just to appease fans, that story could have been an epilogue, or fleshed out a little and made into a better book or released as a novella. I was disappointed that I paid $3.99 for it. 
Anyway. Over to Forever Too Far.  To say the least, I’m disappointed (for the first half of the book).  Abbi Glines, I like you, you seem like a really sweet person and you love your fans and actually listen to them when they speak, and I love your voice it’s cute.  But this book was annoying.  I hated that it went back and forth between Rush and Blaire so much. Half the time I didn’t know who was speaking and I had to go back and check.  I would have liked it better if you’d stuck with one or just let it go for a couple chapters so I could connect with them better.  I was left feeling confused and unsure how each really felt.  And I HATED Grants POV.  Wow, what a perv and I would never want a man to think of me in that way.  He referred to Harlow as a walking sexual fantasy.  I would never want my son to think of women in this way and I hope that no boy my daughter is interested treats her as an object of a fantasy instead the respect that she deserves.  I understand that men think with their downstairs brain, but really, this was just really wrong.  If I was Harlow, I would run in the opposite direction, ESPECIALLY when I found out he dated Nan.  I would never want to do anything to ruin Nan further than she already is. 
So, it WAS sweet how protective Rush was of Blaire, but it quickly became too much.  Let the girl breathe!  I don’t believe what Rush is showing to Blaire is love.  All he does is drag her around and not talk to her and then get mad when she talks about Nan.  I also think that Blaire has devolved into this shy, weak, wimpy mess.  She used to be kick ass.  She took care of her mom and pulled a gun on Grant and Nan, but now she just slinks off into the corner and lays in bed the whole time.  And what the heck about her cramping and bleeding.  What doctor would allow her to fly off in a plane the next day? And sex would be a huge no no.  For real. A doctor would have explained all that upon discharge.  Also, Blaire supposedly needs no stress and says she needs time to think while at her dad’s so when Rush asks to come see her, she should have said NO! “No, I need to think, give me a day.” But no, she lets him come. And then her dad drops that, oh, by the way, you have a brother! And the Rush says “hey, you have a week to plan the wedding…” Yeah. No stress my patootie. 
Ok, the book turns around after the wedding.  Rush and Blaire’s wedding was sweet and simple.  It was cute what Rush did right before the wedding.  I almost cried.  I almost cried again when she was walking down the aisle, and yes, I bought the dang song on itunes.  Its ok, Rush’s voice is weird.
I LOVE that Blaire had a natural birth and that she’s breastfeeding…I’m a mom, I did those things so it resonates with me. 
And Blaire did her kick ass back a little at the end.  I liked that, but I wish it would have been there the whole time. 
I still feel really sorry for Nan.  She needs someone.  Anyone.  Please Abbi, let Nan fall in love.  There doesn’t always have to be a villain.  Everyone deserves to be loved and shown love and to have someone in their life who cares. Second chances are awesome, even if it’s the 10th second chance. 

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