Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Steele Wolf By Chanda Hahn

Ack! So I've been on vacation for the past week and I haven't been able to do anything except fun vacation things lol.  I was super bummed to find out that Abbi Glines was in LA the day AFTER I was there. I probably would have stalked her.  I also stupidly left my kindle at home (what was I thinking?!)! So I got no reading done. I have the kindle app on my iphone, but it's such a tiny screen that it's hard to read anything.

Anyway, so here's my review of Steele Wolf by Chanda Hahn, I did manage to finish it before I left.

Steele Wolf starts where Iron Butterfly ends.  Thalia is back in her homeland, trying to fit in and pick up where she left off before being taken.  She finds this difficult because she is not the same person she was.  Her father is distant and ignores what happened to Thalia and dismisses her when she tries to tell him.  In an attempt to quell his daughter's new behavior her father sets up a Kreg Aruh (think Merida's situation in Brave), where suitors from all over the land come to fight for Thalia's hand.  Thalia, who doesn't like this, competes for her own hand and may have won if she hadn't been discovered. 

A series of events happen and Thalia is kidnapped and she discovers how she was first taken and who the Raven might be.  We also learn that Joss's sister has been kidnapped so Joss, Thalia, Kael and Hemi make the trek to Joss's home town of Skyfall to search for her. 

 I like that this book has more character information, but I still wish more physical description was used.  We know that Joss is blond, but are all Denai blond?  Thalia has dark hair, but so was Mona and her brother who we discover are evil.  I also kind of got lost in Skyfell. Maybe it was just me, but it could have been described a bit better. 

This series really wants to be good, but more detail need to be written out for the reader to fully comprehend the world this story takes place in.  If you are looking for a fun summer read, this is definitely something to pick up.  I got Iron Butterfly for free (on Amazon!) and I was loaned Steele Wolf by a friend.  I think I will have to buy the third one, but Steele Wolf was about $2, so I don't mind!

I did love that we learned more about Kael and how he's tied to Thalia.  It's kind of sad.  And while Chanda did a good job of explaining everything, we still don't know what he left behind (a wife, kids?).   What will ultimately happen to each of them? I'm assuming this will be answered in book three due out in August of this year (it can't come soon enough!).

 I get to pick up my kindle tomorrow (I forgot yesterday!) so I'll finish On an Edge of Glass and start on the summer reading list Erica posted yesterday.  Last summer was really busy for me, so this year I'm looking forward to laid back days of pool trips, sprinklers, ice cold sun tea, and of course, READING!

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