Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feature Cover Designer: Berto Designs

Rebecca Berto, author of DROWNING IN YOU is also a cover designer!
And let me tell you--she's wonderful at it! I've been stalking her facebook page and "liking" all of her mock-ups!

AND she was nice enough to let me interview her. :)

Hi Rebecca, when did you decide you wanted to design covers?
I wanted a working cover to stare at while writing my manuscripts (yep, I’m an author, too) so I started mucking around in design. After a while, I showed a designer friend of mine other random covers I had started making for fun and she hassled me for weeks? months? to post the mock ups because people would like them.
In the end I posted them and had clients buying the covers for their books. One of my first clients is a New York Times bestseller. I then started Berto Designs and am now officially cover designing. :)
Did you design the cover to your book?
Okay, don’t laugh. I cannot design my own books’ covers. I don’t stop trying but they always turn out looking like a Paint-Program-looking job. Erk, so hideous.
This is despite the fact the covers I design for my clients are always met with absolute love, adoration and elation.
Go figure, ey?
What is your favorite cover that you have designed so far?
Hm, this is so hard! It’s like forcing me to pick my favourite book.
*comes back ten mins later* I have an answer. It’s a romance genre with a touch of paranormal cover I did just yesterday. It’s yet to be revealed, though so I can’t show you :P
Ooh! Darn it! Well, you will have to let me know when it's revealed so I can check it out! :)
What is your favorite cover of all time?
To this day the cover for “Fallen” (Lauren Kate) is still my fav!
I love that cover too! It was the main reason I actually bought that book! Can you share with us a few of your covers?
Here are some. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Thanks for stopping by Rebecca!
If you want to learn more about about Rebecca and Berto Designs (and you know you wanna!) here are some links:


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