Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm back - to the best of my ability!

Well, recently, I had a beautiful baby girl names Emma! In the last three weeks - I have read one book. Mommyhood - great! Reading - takes a backseat!

I did make it through a great book. One that I have already read. But it's a great one and the final installment (wait, is it the final installment?) is coming out soon. So i freshened up. Does anyone else do this?

Anyway - It was Insurgent by Veronica Roth.

Like in true Book 2 fashion, Insurgent pieces a lot of information together. I think the biggest thing a reader learns is why Jeanne Mathews is doing what she is doing to the factions. We see it isn't for selfish reasons, it's for the good of the factions - well - in her opinion. Normally a villain is in it for themselves, and while I hate Jeanne, she may be doing things for the "good of the people" in a deranged way.

Four is one of my favorite male crushes. I love him but Tris and Four, in this book, were off for me. They didn't show the trust and connection they did in the first book. They kept a lot of secrets.  And maybe it was for writing purposes and build up for the third book. But i felt the intensity that was them, was missing. I am hoping it comes back.

The big secret that gets revealed. I think is a bit confusing. I am hoping for more clarification. Does anyone want to try and expand on this for me. Maybe I am just missing it?

Caleb - for shame!


  1. I absolutely LOVED this series! Four is so sexy; if Tris ever needs a break she can send him my way for sure aha!
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  2. Hey! thanks for stopping by! ill head to your blog now :)