Friday, July 26, 2013

TMI - the movie - thoughts?

In the last few years - Twilight was when I noticed it - books are becoming movies. (Though now that I think of it Nicholas Sparks has been probably the most common books into movie authors). Ultimate goal, right there. My book on the big screen. Sigh. *envisions herself on a red carpet*
There are three awesome books/movies coming out in the next year - 
  • The Mortal Instrument - City of Bones (currently re-reading) 
  • Divergent (Oh, Four)
  • The Vampire Academy (Seriously - thank you movie people - dream come true - FINALLY) 
I have been following all three but I am going to talk about TMI. I always get nervous when books turn into movies - what if it's not done right? And then once I see the characters - their face is now the face I see when I read the book. I always worry about these restraints. 

From the trailers, interviews and images that I have stalked online, TMI seems to actually be doing a better job with the world than I had originally imagined. It's darker. I love it. 

Jace was another concern of mine. When I heard Jaime Campbell Bower was going to be Jace, I was disappointed. He fits the description set out be Cassandra Clare, but how I had him put together was not it. And I didn't think he would pull it off. I am turning my opinion around, the more of the clips that are released.

What about you? What do you think of the TMI movie so far? 

What movie are you most looking forward this year? Or maybe what's your favorite from the past? 

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  1. havent seen it yet. im open to changes in it, but i hope i at the very least find the best things i liked, made it to the film!