Friday, August 23, 2013

Email and editing

The importance of email... when editing.

I have been doing some editing for some awesome books. And in the past, I normally read the whole thing, and send it back. These last two times, the communication has been happening the entire time, whether it is on email or Facebook. I can easily contact the writers and get some clarification, give out some praise or just talk to them.

But the best part about email - is I can send chapters instantly. We can sit down and look at a piece together if we need to. They get quick feedback and start editing right away instead of waiting the time it takes to edit, and then get their entire manuscript back with edits. I have been there - and anyone else who has been - knows how overwhelming that is. It's an animal! Blah! (I hate editing.) This way breaks it down.

But really think about this - when you had an editor, if you didn't live close by, getting the edits to that person would take the mail (i know - a whole like five days) but then you as the editor, don't have a copy to remember and know what the writer is talking about. Email and the Internet, make that much easier.

Are you thankful for email?

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