Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I'm Reading: The Mortal Instruments

Hi everyone! I'm taking a quick break from writing because I realized it's WEDNESDAY already. How did that happen? Even more importantly, where did August go? Is this really the last week of the month already?
I haven't finished any new books lately because I've been trying to finish up In the Shadows so that I can release it before the Oct 26th Indie Mashup that I'm attending along with authors like our very own Komal Kant (all the way from Australia folks!), Autumn Doughton (you know how much I adore her books!), Quinn Loftis, Pamela Ann, and a bunch more! Nearly 40 Indie Authors will be in attendance. How awesome is that?
My goal is to have the first ever paperbacks of In the Shadows with me and available for purchase, hence the not much reading lately.
I remember over a year ago it was nothing for me to read 2-3 books in a week. But then I started writing my own stories and I've hardly read at all in the last year and a half.
However, once I saw the preview for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones I knew it would be right up my alley (love me some paranormal romances). I've heard mixed things about the books but the movie looked soooo good that I thought I'd give it a try.
Plus my friend and fellow-paranormal-lover, Sarah, read the first 3 books in one week so I figured if she liked them, I would probably like them too!
So when I found the paperback for $7, I picked it up. That was about the same price as the Kindle version!
I read the first chapter and was definitely intrigued.
Sarah and I went to the movies and I seriously loved it. It was so good! Sarah said it was very close to the book which thrilled me!
(*begin rant* I love the Percy Jackson books, love them, but those movies? They are flat out TERRIBLE book-to-movie-adaptations! Way worse than Twilight. At least those movies tried to stay true to the books, it's like the people who produced The Lightening Thief and Sea of Monsters didn't even read the books. I HATE it when movies are so different from the book that it's like not even the same story. I understand that in movies you have to add more action and crap but seriously! At least maintain the storyline! *end of rant*)
Okay, so back to The Mortal Instruments, I've been reading one chapter a night ever since I watched the movie and so far, I'm really enjoying it. Jace is awesome and Clary seems like a really strong heroine so far. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of their story, one chapter at a time. It will probably take me the rest of the year but I'll finish it eventually.
Have you guys read this series yet?
I know the 6th and final book isn't out until May so maybe it's a good thing I haven't had time to really devour the series yet. I'm an impatient reader and don't like to wait to find out what happens next. You have no idea how much self-control I'm using to limit myself to one chapter a night!
What about the sister series Infernal Devices? I'll probably be checking this one out next so I'm definitely curious to hear your thoughts!


  1. I personally love both the infernal devices and the mortal instruments. But there's just something about the infernal devices series that struck a chord with me more than the mortal instruments. To me it's a big deal, because usually as a preference , I've always liked modern day fantasy and sci fi based fiction. The infernal devices showed me I was really missing out =D

    1. That is good to know! I can't wait to read them! I seriously need more hours in my day!