Tuesday, June 11, 2013

School was hard, and other musings

Blah, so it's Tuesday and I didn't write a blog post! I have a super amazing one in my head.  School is really kicking my bootay this week and I just haven't even had much of chance to do anything else! I haven't even read much in Forever Too Far (WHAT! I know).  I think I just wasn't too impressed with Never Too Far so this hasn't really been the page turner for me that it is for most.  BUT, I'm not judging it until I finish it. Sometimes books start out really slow for me, and then BAM! I hit a good part and can't put it down.  I have several books on my Kindle right now waiting to be read, but I want to finish FTF quick because spoilers are popping up, and Abbi just posted that people were writing rude reviews.  That's sad.  I've written rude reviews, but I've recently gone back and edited them because I feel that the book is something that the author spent time on and quite possibly put their whole heart into, and being really harsh and rude is just mean.  There's a difference between constructive criticism and meanness (<--Who knew meanness was spelled that way?).
Anyway.  What books are you all currently reading? I just finished On An Edge Of Glass and OMG it was amazing. That's what the super amazing blog post in my head is about. I also just downloaded Stitch and Anne of Green Gables (I love a good classic AND its apparently considered YA!).  I really need August to get hear so I can read Komal Kant's new book.....wink wink.....And also Erica Cope needs to get to writing.....but she has an excuse to not....
So yeah, boring blog post. So comment and tell me what to read!!!


  1. Whoo! Thank you for joining us, Heather! And, yikes! You're waiting for my book? *hides* I agree, Erica needs to get her new book written ASAP! :)

  2. I'm trying! I've just been preoccupied with my surgery...which is tomorrow...and I'm totally freaking out because I can't eat anything after 3 so I think I should stay up until then and stuff my face. What do you think?
    Yeah, probably not the best idea. I go in tomorrow at 9 but my surgery is scheduled for 11. Be thinking of me!
    *And keep your fingers crossed I recover quickly because I will be ALL ALONE all weekend which equals the perfect opportunity to write write write. Assuming I'm not too drugged up*
    Love you ladies!